Simplified Email Setup

Customer Logic Vet can now use email servers using very simple to understand settings. In Tools>Options>Email you can select your ISP, or use gmail to send emails directly from CLVet without worrying about the settings.

Reminder Listing WorkList

Use the reminder Listing Worklist to track reminders that are due for any time period. The list can show you how many reminders are due, what reminders each patient is due for, and why a reminder will not be sent.

Incomplete Invoices WorkList

This worklist can show you incomplete invoices which are currently active in your system and allow you to finalise them.

Improved emailing

Most documents and reports now have extra buttons to allow emailing direct from the report.

Show/Hide Letterhead

A button in most documents and reports will show and hide the company letterhead, allowing you to produce a letterhead for documents that are to be emailed.

Postal Addresses

The system will now allow Postal Addresses to be added to an account, and will use them for addressing invoices and documents.

Consult Snippets

Consult snippets are pieces of text, tables, images or other word processing items that can be added from a shortcut key or my invoking a menu in consult text. These can be edited from tools menu and can be inserted into a consult by pressing CTRL-SHIFT and the shortcut key you assigned. Press CTRL-SHIFT-L to see a list of available snippets.

Snippets support full Rich Text, you can embed an entire word document into a snippet.

Edit Account Types

You can now edit account types and set up different options for generation of accounts for each type.

Edit Ledger codes

You can now add, remove and replace Ledger codes from the tools menu.

Pricing Tools

A number of tools are available in Bulk Price Editor which allow you to group, manage and update your pricing schedules from a few simple clicks.

Weight Formatting

The Patient Weight field will now show the relevant number of decimal places (if any) rather than a fixed number of places. The Weight field now supports up to 4 decimal places.

New Security Principals

Security Principals have been added to allow control of:

  • Adding Appointments
  • Cancelling Appointments
  • Editing Account Types
  • Editing Ledger Codes
  • Editing snippets

New Query Builder Fields

You can now search by Account Tags on customer or Patient files, and Custom Properties in Query builder. It is also easier to restrict by valid email addresses and some other searchable fields have been added, too.

Address Field Improvements

We have made the Address Line field truly Multiple Line, so that you can add property names and other sub address types easily in customer documents.

Sent Items

Add a sent items worklist to track emails that you have sent to clients and users through CLVet.

Travel Multiplier

Charges can now be flagged as Travel Multipliers, and customer accounts can store the distance from clinic. Customer logic Vet will automatically calculate the cost of travel when billing these items.

Salutation Changer

Change the customer salutation to a number of different formats. This will affect the addressing on Invoices and documents.

Consult History by User

Use the consult navigator in the Consult viewing screen to group consults by Users, or Date, to quickly navigate through the medical record

Consult Command Icons

Replace the consult commands (like Append Consult) with Icons, to improve readability.

Item Regimes

Add unlimited regimes to Charge Items, to control number of units and Label text with a single click.

Idexx Support

Send requests for laboratory and receive results from your Idexx equipment, automatically. Simply charge a laboratory item and the patient details will appear on your Idexx vetLab. Perform the tests and the results will automatically appear in the Patient’s medical record. There is a workList for managing results, too.

New Merge fields

New merge fields for preferred phone numbers, postal address, Patient Identification and many more are now available from the document Editor.

New referral tools

Create and Manage referral reports to other clinics, grab parts of the medical record as easily as highlighting text. Special merge fields and a dedicated work list track the referral details for each current referral.

Reminder groups and Sub Types

Create reminder groups to allow different reminder types to cancel other reminders when they are actioned. Reminder Sub types let you put more detailed information into your reminder letters without increasing the complexity of your reminder system.

New Invoice templates

Choose from different Invoice Layouts for clients.

Stock Control Quick Adjust

Adjust stock levels for individual items directly from the Stock Location tab. Stocktake, Waste or Transfer individual items.

New Icons

New icons for lots of other companion animals, and even some specific breeds.