Follow your existing Workflow

Patients move through the clinic in a predictable way, from the Appointment scheduler, to the waiting room, to the consult room and into a hospital cage or back to the care of their owners. Clients move in a similar way. The focus of Customer Logic has been to model these predictable movements in the software, so that the software complements your existing workflow. Rather than fight the system, Customer Logic software is logical and intuitive, following closely the workflow that already exists in your clinic. Rather than having to fight the computer, this means that staff are able to follow the natural progression of the visit from the Appointment Scheduler to the Surgery and back in a logical way.

Interconnect your Practice

Customer Logic Vet connects with a number of drug suppliers, pathology providers and most digital x-ray systems to allow seamless integration. Download and import your stock with automatic, optional, price increases for items, and updating of on-hand levels. Send requests to IDEXX in-house laboratory equipment, and receive results back directly into the medical record from external providers without having to click a mouse button. Send client and patient details straight to in-house laboratory equipment, and digital x-ray systems to ensure that the data is correct every time. Customer Logic is committed to extending communication to as many drug and service providers as possible.

Communicate with your Clients

Our software allows you to send emails, letters and SMS messages to your clients with just a few simple clicks. Communication is recorded against the client account, not in the medical record, keeping client communication and medical data separate. Clients can even communicate back through SMS and email, with their replies automatically being attached to their account. Vaccination, Heartworm and other reminders can also be sent via SMS, Email or letters.

Appointment reminders can be sent to clients by email or SMS. Email appointments arrive in the client's inbox as a meeting request, which is supported on many devices and platforms such as IPhone, Android, Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook where it will create an entry in the client's calendar on that device. This means clients will be more likely to keep their appointments than ever before. SMS reminders are bi-directional, the client can confirm or cancel the appointment directly from their mobile phone without any human intervention at the clinic side.

You can also build queries to send emails or letters to a large number of clients that meet a certain criteria. If you want to send a letter to all clients with dogs between 6 and 8 years for a dental invite, you can do this easily using our inbuilt query tool and Word Processor. You don't need other applications like Microsoft Word, and the process is simple and reliable.

Manage Your Staff

Inbuilt rostering, linked to reporting and the appointment scheduler, allows you to add permanent rosters and fill-in staff easily. The appointment scheduler displays the rostered staff prominently and allows staff to easily find when certain vets are working. Client and Patient files can be tagged with a preferred vet, reminding your reception staff to book the appointment for specific vets and alerting staff members when they are moving or scheduling an appointment for a non-preferred vet.

Security and preferences allow you to set access rules for staff members and control the types and number of appointments scheduled against each resource. Appointment styles allow you to customise the colour, font and length of appointment types to make the appointment scheduler easy to read and allow adequate time for each procedure.