Write up your Consults with Minimal Effort

Templates with merge fields allow you to write simple and powerful templates that merge in current client and patient information when applied. This means that you can pre-write your medical reports and apply them to a new patient with just a couple of keystrokes.

Shorthand dictionaries automatically expand abbreviations and codes to keep your medical records consistent, and to save you having to write extended descriptions. For example, you might use the abbreviation hbc to mean "hit by a car", Customer Logic Vet will automatically expand that text as you type. This can be extended to quite complex shortcuts, for example VC51 could be a shortcut for an entire write up of a first C5 vaccination consult. The possibilities are endless and the time savings are substantial.


Make the System your Own

 Change the colour, style, fonts and icons to match your own style. With your own user login, you can customise the entire application to suit your tastes. Choosing from over 30 colour themes, you can make the system feel even more familiar and comfortable. 

Make your Medical Report Stand Out!

The medical record entry screen allows full word processing capabilities. You can use bolditalicsunderlinehighlightssuperscript, numbered and bulleted lists, tables, images, video, sound and even different fonts in your medical notes. This allows unprecedented levels of context for medical notes and can be used to quickly draw attention to key areas. Medical records are stored as HTML, so can be easily exported with full formatting, and images and other media intact.


Track Information that is Important to You

Track Patients and Clients by adding them to your own follow-up list, or subscribing to their medical record. Get pathology result notifications to your own inbox and track your most recent patients with just a few clicks.

Rearrange screens, menus and toolbars to make the features you most commonly use more prominent in your workspace.

Easily Search for the Information You Need

Search on numerous criteria, such as partial address, suburb, phone number, microchip number and patient demographics using wildcards and partial matching. You can even search consultation text as easily as searching the web for information. If this isn't enough, you can also search for clients and patients on virtually any recorded field, including items purchased, services and procedures provided, custom tags and properties, patient age and status, and many more.

Bill Items and Services with Ease

Customer Logic tracks your charging habits and bubbles common charges to the top of the results list, this means common charges appear closest to the top and are easier to find. Smart searching matches items and services on partial keyword matches, so typing "clav 250" will match Clavulox 250mg, Amoxyclav 250mg, etc.

Dose rates and smart label generation allow you to program dose rates against items and have the system suggest prescriptions based on the patient's recent weight. Labels are generated automatically based on the prescription, or can be entered using shorthand notation which will be automatically expanded.

Communicate with Clients without Touching a Phone

Send SMS updates to your patients from directly within the application and send SMS reminders for appointments without clicking a mouse button. Customer Logic allows you to send and receive client communication from directly within the application, and stores the communication away from the medical record to keep the medical history concise and easy to read.

Visualise your Patient History

Sort the medical record by date, user or problem; and visualise data such as weights, pathology results and numerical observations using charts. Embed images, videos and sounds in your medical notes and play them back from within the medical record. Customer Logic moves from beyond written notes and lets you visual your medical data in the most detailed way possible.

Less Paperwork

Attach PDFs, images, videos and web pages to client, patient and consultation records for easy reference and sharing between computers on your network without maintaining paper trails.

Create merge documents and handouts which automatically merge with the latest Patient and Client information to produce professional and current handouts, forms and charts for your clients - using a full featured Word Processor inspired by Microsoft Word.