Complement your Practice

Most processes and protocols follow some kind of flow, and Veterinary Clinics are no exception. Clients and Patients flow through the hospital, moving from being Outpatients, to Inpatients and OutPatients again.


As most clinics will follow a similar Work Flow, we have modelled this in the software. Rather than just provide you with a collection of screens, our application is designed to guide the user through a natural process, whereby the client makes an appointment, arrives at the clinic, the patient receives services and treatment and is then treated as an outpatient.

A System that Supports You

In each step of the process, the system guides you through to the next step.

The default Work Flow matches the Work Flow used in the majority of Vet Clinics, but it can also be customised for your particular requirements.

The result is a flexible but intuitive practice management system, where you can move from one process to the next - completely supported by the application rather than feeling like you are working against it.

Work Lists

Tasks in any clinic can be encapsulated into lists, usually of Patient, Clients or specific jobs. Customer Logic Vet supports this concept through the use of Work Lists.


Define any number of Work Lists and link them to specific tasks and steps in your work flow. Work Lists can also be bound to external service providers, like Pathology providers or DICOM modalities. Work Lists can be used to populate patients on Digital X-Ray developers, in-house laboratory equipment or HL7 compliant devices.

Views and Data

Work Lists can also be defined as views of your data. You can create views using Query Builder and other filters which show patients of a certain status, clients with amounts outstanding or other criteria. These views are updated automatically when these criteria change.

See Data that is Important to You

Choose from dozens of columns and create personalised work lists using colours, styles and filters which are tied to your specific login. Highlight tasks that are important to you to make your job easier.