Our Stock Management and Billing System is Comprehensive

Based on Enterprise Level stock keeping systems, our Product system is based on a multi-tier stock level system.


This unique system allows you to define Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and then relate multiple charges and prices to each SKU. Using this method, you could define an SKU for Penicillin Injection, and then create separate charges relating to this SKU. One Item might sell Penicillin per ml, with a price for Small Animal dispensing and a mark-up, where as another item might sell Penicillin per bottle, with no dispensing and a different mark-up. Each of these items will deduct the correct amount of SKU from the system, making Stock Control more accurate.

Our Stock Management System also includes:

  • Stock Control Dashboard to see Stock Issues and Levels at a glance
  • Extensive Stock Keeping System with multiple locations, shelves and tracking
  • Integration with major drug suppliers across Australia
  • Barcoding and Keyword Searching
  • Automatic Dosage rates based on Patient Weight
  • Multiple Presentations and Pricing per Stock Keeping Unit
  • Stock Taking System
  • Automatic Ordering based on Levels or Recent Sales