Create and Manage Appointments with Ease

Create multiple appointment books, share resources with other clinics and integrate your appointment schedule with your client's calendar enabled devices!

The Appointment Scheduler is inspired by Microsoft Outlook, so it already feels familiar to users - and it contains loads of great features that just aren't available in other Veterinary Software systems.

Amazing Connectivity

iCalendar support automatically sends an appointment to your client's phone or calendar.
Send SMS reminders to your clients, and allow them to reply to confirm, cancel or reschedule the appointment automatically.

Resource Management

Create resources for your clinic, define hours of availability and roster users against those resources to allow tracking of resource utilisation and performance.

Model your Business

Create recurrent appointment blocks based on the day of the week or roster, such as breaks and out of office time.

Visualise your Work Day at a Single Glance

Configure appointment types with a different colour, style, maximum, minimum and default duration, to help your reception staff accurately record information and allow vets to plan their day at a glance.

Prevent Doubled Appointments

Safe appointment slot locking, locks the appointment slot down when the user first selects a slot, preventing double bookings and keeping the appointment schedule accurate.